How this began…

One year tech start up, providing free online wedding planning tools and access to the UKs largest directory of suppliers from venues to cakes, photographers and more. Suppliers are able to log in and manage their information and it was this experience which needed to be briefed in to the development team to build.


Starting with review of current designs and drafting the discussion guide


I had a couple weeks to test the designs and structure, as these were already in high fidelity and seen as ready to build. I worked closely with the customer success team to create a framework of questions, these would inform what needed to be prototyped


Discussions explored existing design decisions

One of the early tasks I wanted to see is if people would feel comfortable without a save button, the existing design proposed auto saving feature without feedback.


Revised options for saving content

During initial testing people were confused, particularly when leaving the page, I produced various options for saving content which we took into further design and testing sprints.


Design idea for new content component on dashboard

I noticed everyone we met, had similar completer finisher tendencies and in particular the way they used the home page, like a list to check off what they had done. Using this information, I created some options for listing content types that would show at a glance what actions people still had to complete.


Navigation options

During all three rounds of testing people were forced back to the home page to find the next thing to do. We ran out of time during the design sprints to make significant changes to the navigation, however I developed some sketches and a quick prototype which we evaluated with development team and prioritised for further design sprints.


Priority design changes updated during the testing cycle

The result

Improvements to navigation, content and micro interactions were able to be made within a couple of weeks, with input from customers, reducing frustrations and potential costly changes further down the line.

At the end of testing and design updates, I went on to lead the company approach to specification and story writing for the planned development work.