How this began…

An international construction and consultancy firm beginning a complete redevelopment of their global website, to incorporate the diversity of products and services they provide. They needed to engage business leadership in the design process, as valued contributors.

I had about a week to get up to speed with the background story, meet the team, absorb the strategy and map out options for 12 workshops.


The main objective was clear – engage and involve people, but I needed to set a clear goal for these 2 hour workshops, and decided to use various participatory design activities to generate outputs, which could later be used to fuel our design ideas.


Workshop plan showing activities and timings

I designed a quick pre-workshop survey, around half the participants contributed and these materials were used during the workshop to kick start conversation topics.


Blank materials designed to stimulate discussions around customer needs

I created some audience cards to stimulate discussions around participants knowledge of their customers. The second objective was to use the proto-personas to help focus design and content discussions during and after these workshops, providing a foundation for later design decisions.


Participants gave their views on priority content and features during the workshops

I used team voting on a predefined feature list, to gain some sense of feature priorities, but more importantly increase visibility of scope, an important expectation to manage as part of the workshop outcomes.


Content provided in the pre-workshop surveys was validated during the workshops

The results

The feedback from the workshops, was overwhelmingly positive and the outputs generated, provided crucially important insights that would go on steer our design development in the next stages of work.


Participants completed user journeys

The proto-personas  engaged the majority of participants. In subsequent workshops I have reduced the details and focused more activity around exploring behaviours and goals