Recent work

Example UX Design work showing a handful of approaches to various design challenges. Some of these took place within short design sprints whilst others where part of much bigger projects, in both cases I have tried to focus in on some specific examples.


Organising and prioritising tasks

How this began… A large UK city council had success developing self-serve digital services, on the local council website. They had decided to focus attention to the role of their intranet, proposing a similar self-serve strategy, leveraging upon existing assets and expertise in house. Approach There was a two week sprint to test assumptions and … Continue reading Organising and prioritising tasks

Designing navigation

How this began… 130,000 members across 500 public sector organisations rely on a community platform to share resources and knowledge. There were fundamental issues around the navigation and organisation of information which had to be addressed.We needed a way to get clearer details around what these issues were, and fairly quickly identify our priority improvements … Continue reading Designing navigation

Participatory design workshop

How this began… An international construction and consultancy firm beginning a complete redevelopment of their global website, to incorporate the diversity of products and services they provide. They needed to engage business leadership in the design process, as valued contributors. I had about a week to get up to speed with the background story, meet the … Continue reading Participatory design workshop