About me


UX Researcher and Designer, with agency background, whose worked in design, strategy, and delivery disciplines within private, corporate, charity and government sector businesses.


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Key skills

  • Design and facilitate requirements gathering and research activities
  • Complement tech and visual design teams, to work ideas through from concepts to prototyping and testing
  • Spec long documents, or sensibly break designs down in stories for product backlogs
  • Model information architectures, from client and user requirements, to validation and sitemaps with supporting content mapping documents
  • Conduct tasks analysis, visualise user journeys, personas, and experience maps.
  • Write discussion documents, produce research finding reports from pin-ups to formal documentation
  • Managing client relations, teams, proposals, schedules, budgets and quality assurance
  • Work agile, waterfall (or ‘Wagile’)



Who I have worked with

Some of the organisations I have worked with include..